Chinese Man’s Eyeball Pops Out After Getting Too Drunk and Tripping

Chinese Man’s Eyeball Pops Out After Getting Too Drunk and Tripping
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
March 8, 2019
A man from eastern China suffered what seems to be a rather bizarre accident resulting in one of his eyeballs popping out of his eye socket after slipping in his home while in a drunken state.
The incident happened late night on Monday when the 26-year-old unnamed man slipped inside his home in Lixia district, Shandong province, China, according to Qilu Evening News as translated by Daily Mail.
His horrified family only discovered the accident the following morning when they found him lying in a pool of blood. The man was taken to a local clinic for treatment without knowing that his eyeball had already fallen out of its socket. He was later transferred to Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital as the clinic did not have better surgical equipment.
Upon examination, doctors were shocked to discover that the man’s eyeball had popped out of its socket. Soon later, family members who rushed the man to the hospital reportedly received a call from home and said that someone found an eyeball inside their house, Dr Ma Baofeng at the Department of Ophthalmology told Chinese reporters.
The eyeball had been detached for at least six hours before the patient arrived at our hospital for treatment,” he said. “That is far too long for an eyeball to be outside of the socket and is definitely contaminated.”
Surgeons were only able to stitch up the wounds to prevent any further damage as eye’s “extraocular muscles and optic nerves were completely torn,” said in the report.
Unfortunately, because of the damage, the man isn’t likely to be able to put an artificial eye inside his eye socket, but Dr. Ma said that he could put in a false eye to cover the empty socket as an alternative.
It is still unclear what exactly caused the man’s eye to fall out of the socket, whether he had a preexisting medical condition or if it was just a plain accident. Doctors have yet to release any official statement regarding the case.
When asked by the medical staff following the surgery, the patient admitted that he was “too drunk” to remember anything related to what happened.
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