Cat in China Parking Lot Caught on Video Doing ‘Sit-Ups’

Cat in China Parking Lot Caught on Video Doing ‘Sit-Ups’
Carl Samson
November 29, 2018
A fluffy white feline in China who performed a set of “sit-ups” underneath a car has become the latest star on the internet.
The bizarre “workout” took place at a parking lot in Beijing on Nov. 22.
In the video, the cat is seen laying on the ground with its back legs resting on the vehicle.
It pulls its head toward its legs repeatedly, akin to motion of someone doing sit-ups.
The odd scene continues until two men approach the feline, startling it. 
The cat’s “workout” reportedly lasted for two to three minutes, according to CGTN.
A couple of meows are heard in the video as it worked on its fitness. 
The video has since gone viral on Weibo, with many expressing surprise at the unusual sight. Some tagged their loved ones to get them inspired.
“This is amazing.”
“I’m definitely going to exercise after this.”
“My goodness, fitness goals!”
However, others worried that something wrong might actually be going on.
“He/she could be sick.”
“This is an unusual behavior in cats. Is it stuck?”
“The cat’s foot is probably stuck and the owner has no idea.”
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