‘China Captain’ Accused of Copying Marvel Films, Features Chinese Folklore and Bruce Lee

China Captain

“China Captain,” a new film released on the Tencent Video streaming platform, is receiving heavy criticism from social media users for being too similar to Marvel’s “Avengers.”

Movie details: “China Captain” features different Chinese mythical figures, including Monkey King, monk Ji Gong and the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, according to Straits Times.

  • The film follows the story of China Captain as he struggles with alcoholism and finds himself in a difficult spot after tourists begin to take over his job as a hero, Mothership noted.
  • While some characters perform martial arts, others possess supernatural powers.
  • Justice Bao from the Song Dynasty shoots lightning bolts from his forehead and Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms period has the ability to fire lasers.
  • Directed by He Yizheng, “Captain China” cast relatively unknown actors from Chinese films, including Zheng Xiaofu, Li Taiyan and Du Qiao.

The criticism: Some social media users said the movie was so bad they had to stop the stream.

  • Others pointed out how the movie ripped off the iconic comic book pages flipping at the beginning of a Marvel movie for the intro to “China Captain.”
  • The film received a 7.7 review rating on Tencent Video even though many criticized “Captain China’s” weak story and poor special effects.

Featured Image via TrailerScope – 电影预告片

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