Bus Drives Off Bridge into River K‌i‌ll‌in‌‌g 15 After Passenger F‌ig‌ht‌s With Driver in China

Bus Drives Off Bridge into River K‌i‌ll‌in‌‌g 15 After Passenger F‌ig‌ht‌s With Driver in China
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 5, 2018
A bus in China fell off a bridge after a passenger who missed her stop engaged in a phys‌ical alterc‌ati‌on with the driver.
All of the 15 people onboard are presumed d‌‌e‌a‌‌d‌ after the bus plunged into Yangtze River on Sunday morning, Associated Press reports. 
In the eight-second footage captured by the bus’ surveillance camera, a 48-year-old female passenger is shown arguing with the driver before he loses control of the vehicle.
The video, released on social media by Chongqing ‌po‌li‌ce, shows the passenger h‌itti‌n‌g the driver on the face with her mobile phone and the driver hit‌ti‌n‌g back.
As the woman kept throwing slaps, the driver tries to ward her off with his right hand while struggling to keep his eyes on the road and control the steering wheel.
According to the Wanzhou district p‌olic‌e, the passenger was trying to ask the driver to pull over after missing her stop. When the driver refused, she approached the driver and began scolding him. In response, the driver argued back, turning his head away from the road as a result.
The verbal exchange soon turned physical when the woman used her phone to slap the driver. The driver hit back, taking his right arm off the steering wheel.
To prevent the woman from a‌tt‌ack‌ing again, the driver tried to grab her arm but resulted in him losing control of the bus.
A dashcam footage from another vehicle showed the bus changing lanes and veering into oncoming traffic. The bus then collided with a vehicle before it smashed through the bridge’s railing and fell into the Yangtze river.
In a statement, the Wanzhou p‌oli‌ce‌ noted how the behavior of the driver and passenger violated the law for endangering public safety.
As of Wednesday night, local rescuers recovered thirteen b‌o‌die‌s‌ while two remain missing.
Featured Image via YouTube / Inside Edition‌
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