Chinese Village Builds Epic Basketball Court in Massive Cave

Chinese Village Builds Epic Basketball Court in Massive Cave
Ryan General
June 12, 2019
A unique “indoor” basketball court situated inside of a cave, has become the regular spot to shoot hoops for the villagers of a rural town in China.
Villagers of Xinchun in Nayong county, Guizhou province are now able to play basketball despite any kind of weather outside as the court is protected inside of a cave. 
The impoverished village was able to create the basketball court using the government grant of 100,000 yuan ($14,400), along with donations of more than 45,000 yuan ($6,500).
According to China News, the decision to put the court in a nearby cave was made to save on the cost of land. 
With its rocky ambiance and unique aesthetic, the cave-court is certainly one of the most rare basketball courts in the world.
The natural covering allows the villagers to play even when it’s raining or hot outside.
They also don’t need to pay for a costly air conditioning system as the cave is expansive and well-ventilated.
Even spectators can enjoy by watching by the sidelines with bleachers built at the mouth of the cave.
Featured image via China News
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