Newborn Baby Suffers Severe Injuries After Mother Allegedly Throws Her Off Building a Second Time

Newborn Baby Suffers Severe Injuries After Mother Allegedly Throws Her Off Building a Second Time
Bryan Ke
December 10, 2020
A 4-month-old baby has suffered severe injuries after her mother allegedly threw her off their fifth-floor building apartment in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China.
What happened: The baby was first thrown out of their fifth-floor apartment building shortly after she was born, according to The Beijing News via Shine. The family’s neighbor saved her when it first happened.
  • Then the baby was tossed out again on Nov. 30, thankfully rescued this time by a deliveryman identified as Yang Yanfeng.
  • “She became purple due to the coldness,” Yang said of the baby, who he found lying on a metal protective net with only a diaper. “Her hands and legs were still moving but her body was freezing cold.”
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  • The baby, who suffered serious injuries, was immediately rushed to the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University. However, her father, only identified by his surname as Zheng, refused treatment for his child and took her home.
  • Seven days after the second incident, the baby was finally taken to the intensive care unit of Children’s Hospital of Shijiazhuang. Huang Bo, the doctor in charge in the ICU, said she suffered severe brain injury, bruising and bleeding from her lungs.
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Other details: The father said he was not home when the second fall happened and that he was aware of the first incident. Zheng said he installed safety railings after the first fall.
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  • Volunteers visited the baby every day in their home and found her lying on a moldy bed. Zheng also declined to have her clothes or quilt changed.
  • The volunteers also asked him why he took the baby home, and he said he knew how to take care of babies, adding that he was once a care worker and helper.
  • “Taking care of babies is my specialty,” Zheng said. “The hospital has too many germs, while our home has a much better environment.”
  • Community officials who visited the baby every day after the Nov. 30 incident managed to take her to the hospital on Dec. 2 and 5, but Zheng took her back each time.
  • Thankfully, authorities were able to persuade the mother, surnamed Wei, to get herself checked out at a medical institution on Dec. 4. They took the baby to the hospital on Monday.
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