Chillest Korean Dude Ever Documents His Horrible Day at the Hair Salon

Chillest Korean Dude Ever Documents His Horrible Day at the Hair Salon
Editorial Staff
August 29, 2016
In what appears to be a brave display of curiosity and self-concern, one Korean guy took selfies to document the unfolding effects of his hair dye allergy.
His story has been viewed over 100,000 times at Ruliweb where some netizens couldn’t help but laugh at how his head was disfigured while others expressed pity.
It all started one fine day at the hair salon with some new hair dye…
But things escalated quickly as his head began to balloon.
Not yet alarmed by the unnatural swelling of his head, he began to document his progress with selfies.
Eventually, his head puffed up so big that he thought it’d be smart to seek medical attention.
But the swelling only continued, this time spreading to his face — eventually he couldn’t even open his eyes.
And then finally, things started to clear up.
And now he’s back to normal!
Hair dye allergy is quite uncommon. It affects about one in 250,000 people, according to dermatologist Debra Jaliman. A chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD) may be blamed for symptoms.
Dr. Jaliman explained (via
“To be allergic to something, usually your immune system has to come in contact with it and decide it doesn’t like it. Depending on how sensitive your system is, the allergy may develop more slowly than others.”
“If you develop a severe allergy, you could get blisters and hives and, though rare, difficulty breathing similar to an anaphylactic reaction.”
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