Girl Eating a Chili Pepper is Everyone’s Mood About 2020

Girl Eating a Chili Pepper is Everyone’s Mood About 2020Girl Eating a Chili Pepper is Everyone’s Mood About 2020
Ryan General
September 15, 2020
A little girl’s first encounter with a green chili pepper resulted in an adorable moment that captured hearts online.
Too spicy for her taste: The Chinese girl from Mianyang, Sichuan Province had her first taste of the spicy pepper and her mother decided to record her reaction.
  • According to Chinese media via MailOnline, the girl saw her family eating the pepper at the dinner table and became curious.
  • She insisted on trying one herself and her mother obliged, letting her have a bite of the chili.
  • In the now-viral footage, the child can be seen initially showing her excitement while holding two peppers from the family’s plants. 
  • Her happy face was immediately replaced with a disappointed frown the moment she took her first bite and tasted the chili.
  • After her small bite, the child began coughing and immediately spat the pepper out.
  • As she held her tongue with her hand in an attempt to rub away the hot taste, her mom can be heard giggling in the background.
Overnight internet sensation: The unfortunate but adorable mishap became widely shared on Chinese social media, with many expressing delight over the girl’s innocent reaction to the pepper. 
  • It was an unfortunate first impression but one that millions of social media users found to be amusing after the parent posted the video online.
  • “This is great parenting, now the kid knows not to eat everything they see,” one Weibo user noted.
  • “Hahaha, this is hilarious. She is so cute,” another user wrote.
Feature Image via Blagag!
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