Men Scream Like Girls at the Mall After Experiencing the Pain of Childbirth

childbirth bar

Videos of men screaming in agony at “childbirth bars” in China have once again graced the internet.

“Delivery Bars” or “Childbirth Bars,” which have become attractions at malls and department stores throughout China, use electrodes to stimulate the abdomen to simulate contractions that mothers experience when giving birth.

When men try the experience, the incredible amount of pain becomes apparent in their rather hilarious screams that actually echo throughout the mall as women laugh in the background in these videos from Tik Tok:

In the past, child education clinics have also offered the “simulated labor” experience to help couples prepare to become parents.


In the end, it may be virtually impossible for men to not appreciate the pains their wives and mothers must endure. Some even get very emotional:

Lesson learned: Giving birth is no joke and looks painful AF.

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