Child Sneaks Into X-Ray Machine at Train Station in China

Child Sneaks Into X-Ray Machine at Train Station in China
Carl Samson
October 18, 2018
A curious boy who had sneaked into an X-ray machine at a train station in southern China shocked security personnel who found his silhouette on the security monitor.
The incident occurred at Xiaolan Railway Station in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province on Oct. 9.
Surveillance video shows the boy’s father going through a security check before looking back to find him.
The man turns around to find his son, apparently asking the security personnel who had just checked him.
To everyone’s surprise, the boy emerges out of the x-ray machine seconds later.
According to NetEase, security personnel were shocked after spotting the boy’s silhouette on the X-ray monitor.
This is not the first time someone in Guangdong snuck into a security X-ray machine. In February, a woman in the nearby city of Dongguan hopped onto the conveyor belt to make sure that no one stole her bag.
X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation, which has “sufficient” energy to affect the atoms in living cells and consequently damage their DNA, according to EPA.
Cells are “extremely efficient” at repairing such damage, but when they don’t, they can die or become cancerous over time.
Images via Sohu
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