Elderly Woman Hit By Child’s Toy Car Refuses to Move, Demands Compensation

Footage of an elderly woman demanding compensation after being apparently knocked over by a child’s plastic toy car is trending on Chinese social media.

The woman can be seen sitting on the sidewalk in front of the red toy car in the video captured in Changde in South Central China’s Hunan province, reported Huanqiu.com (via Daily Mail).

While she sits with her legs laid out on the pavement, her hand is seen atop the front headlight of the toy car, which appears to be modeled after a Mercedes SLK.

The unidentified woman argues with the mother of the child, who stands quiet while holding her mother’s hand. She reportedly claims that the vehicle was speeding without a license on the sidewalk.

“I was walking over here and you were walking over there,” the mother can be heard saying.

According to the Paper (via Hong Kong Free Press), the woman is now in the hospital having suffered a fractured arm and has declined offers from the girl’s family to provide a caregiver.

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