Bodycam footage shows arrest of self-proclaimed ‘Chief of Tokyo’ for shooting at Ohio Asian grocery

Bodycam footage shows arrest of self-proclaimed ‘Chief of Tokyo’ for shooting at Ohio Asian grocery
via Evendale Emergency Services
Carl Samson
February 2, 2023
The Cincinnati man accused of firing multiple rounds at an Asian grocery store in Evendale, Ohio, made bizarre claims at the time of his arrest, newly released police bodycam footage shows.
Daniel Beckjord, 33, allegedly targeted the front windows of Tokyo Foods at around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 22. While shooting, he allegedly claimed that he was the “president of Tokyo” and that the business was “not in compliance.”
No one was injured at the store, but the incident terrified nine patrons at the adjacent Uncle Yip’s restaurant. Some reportedly locked themselves in the bathroom.
Beckjord was still holding a .40 caliber Glock handgun when deputies arrived to arrest him.
An 8-minute bodycam footage released Tuesday shows him cooperating with the officers, even claiming that there was another weapon — a 9-millimeter handgun — in his car, before he begins rambling erratically.
Beckjord said he was a “special agent” concluding “an investigation to end child molestation and sexual slavery and the dosing of mass populations through drugs and drug-like substances and psychedelics and psychedelic-like substances.”
At that point, a bystander refers another officer to something “back in the car” and something about his wife. Beckjord hears this while making more bizarre claims.
“They want you to release me and back to the car,” Beckjord says. “And he did the right thing. He just wanted to make sure his kids were safe. And, uh, I run the mafia for every galactic.”
Beckjord then went on to identify himself as chief of several Native American, African and European territories.
“I’m chief of Cherokee Nation, chief of Navajo Nation, I’m chief of Iroquois Nation, I’m chief of Cherokee-Iroquois Nation, I’m chief of Cherokee-Navajo Nation, I’m chief of Africa Nation, I’m chief of Egyptian Nation, I’m chief of Ethiopian Nation, I’m chief of all the Nordic tribes, I am chief of Irish Nation,” he said without pausing.
When asked why the shots were fired, Beckjord said he sought to “purge people [who are] in non-compliance with sexual slavery and the dosing of mass populations [with] psychedelics and psychedelic substances.” When asked why Tokyo Foods, he said he is the “chief of Tokyo.”
“Tokyo is in non-compliance. I am chief of Tokyo,” he tells the officer. “Does Tokyo want this over? Then take him out [of] the cuffs.”
Beckjord made several more bizarre claims while being escorted into a police car. He said law enforcement will save him from “situations” in the future and that “this is just a training exercise to show how this should work.”
He also said every government agency is in his head, as well as the MIB (men in black) and Secret Service. The video ends with him claiming that he will be saved through teleportation and asking an officer one final question: “Are you alive or are you a spirit, sir?”
A grand jury indicted Beckjord with one count of inducing panic, two counts of vandalism and three counts of having weapons while under disability. He was not indicted on five counts of felonious assault.
Beckjord is also facing drug-related charges after a home search led to the discovery of 40,000 grams of marijuana and cultivation equipment. He also has outstanding cases in other counties.
Investigators additionally alleged that Beckjord deliberately tried to provoke police in the past. He also allegedly saved photos of police departments, including their vehicles.
“In addition to the crimes he has been charged with, we also found information of numerous instances throughout the Greater Cincinnati area where Beckjord has intentionally tried to provoke police officers into confrontations. Additionally, his cell phones found photos of police departments including departmental vehicles and personal vehicles of police department employees,” Evendale Police Chief Tim Holloway said.
So far, there is no evidence that the shooting was a hate crime.
“After searching two residences used by the suspect, two vehicles used by the suspect, as well as two cellphones belonging to the subject, no evidence was found that pointed towards an ethnic/cultural motivation or targeting in the Evendale incident,” Evendale police said.
Beckjord faces nearly 20 years in prison for the Tokyo Foods shooting alone. His motive remains under investigation.

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