‘Chicken’ Performing Pachelbel’s Canon is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

A video of a rubber chicken “performing” Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” has been garnering thousands of views for being the #qualitycontent that it is.

Behind the bizarre yet charming arrangement are violinists, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen, the duo of TwoSet Violin who shared the video on their YouTube channel last week.

Eddy Chen (Left) and Brett Yang (Right). Image via Instagram / twosetviolin

The two-minute number begins with Chen squeezing the rubber chicken in one frame.

The magic unfolds as more layers are added, creating the harmony that people around the world have always loved.

If this act isn’t an ingenious twist on the classical masterpiece, then we don’t know what is.

YouTube users lauded the duo based in Australia for their one-of-a-kind performance:

What do you think?

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