The TSA Line at This Chicago Airport is Everyone’s Worst Travel Nightmare

A video of the TSA line at Chicago Midway airport has recently gone viral because…well…just look at the video and prepare to cringe. 

Since being posted on Thursday, the video has racked up over 1 million views and prompted the TSA to release the following statement:

“[TSA’s] primary focus is the current threat environment, as the American transportation system remains a high value target for terrorists.

Our strong economy means air carriers are enjoying record travel volume, which is resulting in heavier than normal volumes of travelers at our nation’s airports – some with double digit increases over last summer.

TSA is addressing the growing volume of travelers, with measures including more canine use, overtime, and accelerated hiring. We are appreciative that our airline partners are working with us by asking travelers to arrive at the airport as much as two hours early for domestic flights, which will help to alleviate some of the expected summer congestion. Traveler security is TSA’s first priority and we remain intensely focused on our important mission.”

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