Chicago Man Fatally Shot While on 911 Call to Report Carjacking

Chicago Man Fatally Shot While on 911 Call to Report Carjacking

December 23, 2020
A man in Bridgeport, Chicago was shot to death while calling 911 to report individuals who were trying to steal his car.
Shuai Guan, 33, parked his SUV near his home when two vehicles — an Audi and a Subaru — pulled up in front of him around 6:10 p.m. on Dec. 21.
Shuai Guan. Image via Hongyu Bai
Surveillance video reportedly shows a man in a black hoodie and white mask getting out of the Subaru and walking to the passenger side of Guan’s SUV. Guan had left the hazard lights on his car after getting out of the vehicle to check his mail.
The man opens and closes the door of the SUV, and then walks toward the back of the car, leaving the camera frame.
“Hey, give me the key for that,” a voice is heard saying. “Give me the key! Give me the key!”
“What?” another voice responds, prompting the first voice to repeat their demand.
Image via Hongyu Bai
The man in the black hoodie reappears and gets into the SUV. He starts the engine several times, but the car won’t move.
The man eventually runs back to the Subaru, which then drove off with the Audi. Ten seconds later, three gunshots are heard.
Guan managed to call 911 to report the robbery. Police believe he electronically disabled his car while making the call and preventing the carjacker from driving off, according to the Chicago Tribune.
The gunshots were heard while Guan was still on the phone. He died at the scene in the 3000 block of South Union Avenue. His body was found on the pavement besides three 9 mm shell casings.

An investigation revealed that the Audi and the Subari were both stolen vehicles. A 16-year-old suspect has been arrested, according to the World Journal.
Neighbor Maria Rodriguez saw Guan’s body on the ground in the alley behind his home. She said their area is “normally quiet.”
“Everyone is a little bit panicked because this has happened so close to home. I’m shocked actually that something like that would happen,” Rodriguez told WGN.
Guan leaves behind his wife, Hongyu Bai, and their 4-year-old child.
“I want my husband back,” his widow told CBS Chicago. “It’s the worst day of my life.”
Feature Images via Hongyu Bai
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