Twitter of Chester Bennington’s Wife Hacked, Tweets Claim Affair With Mike Shinoda

In the wake of the news surrounding Chester Bennington’s death, his wife, Talinda Ann Bentley, has seemingly tweeted that she never loved her husband and confessed to cheating on him with his bandmate, Mike Shinoda.

According to Yahoo! News, Bentley’s now-deleted tweets were her first regarding Bennington’s death. It is unclear if her account was hacked or if this was an emotional outburst, but the news came as a shock to fans during their time of grief.

“I guess this is the time to say it but i have been cheating on chester with Mike Shinoda…” said one

“I never really loved him and I’m not hacked i just was in love with the money hurts to say,” said another.

A third and perhaps controversial if true tweet tried to cast aspersions on the cause of her husband’s death. “he didn’t kill himself, he was already did before he hung himself, I have proof.” the tweet read.

Although the tweets came from Bentley’s account, celebrity accounts are prime targets for hackers. Another celebrity, John Legend, found his account hacked after discovering now-deleted tweets that called for the death of President Trump and revealed a “desire” for Hillary Clinton.

Legend addressed the hacks afterwards to clear up any confusion.

It’s entirely possible that Bentley’s account had received similar treatment.

Shinoda tweeted following Bennington’s death that he was “shocked and heartbroken” over the news of his passing; at this time, neither Bentley nor Shinoda have commented on the controversial tweets to confirm or deny the affair.

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