Chester Bennington Filmed Carpool Karaoke With Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn 6 Days Before Suicide

Chester Bennington Filmed Carpool Karaoke With Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn 6 Days Before Suicide

October 13, 2017
With the blessing of his family, Carpool Karaoke has released an episode featuring the late Chester Bennington with bandmates Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, and comedian Ken Jeong.
The celebrities sang various Linkin Park hits with questions from Jeong interspersed throughout the video, beginning with Jeong asking if Bennington could teach him how to “scring”, or “scream-sing”. Jeong surprised the band by actually doing it fairly well; Bennington seemed very pleased as he laughed and joked along with the group.
“This is probably the greatest day of my life right now,” he told Jeong. “You are the best.”
“This is the greatest day of my life,” Jeong mirrored, likely unaware of the depression plaguing Bennington.
They continued, Jeong asking the bandmates to answer questions with a scream — the louder the scream, the more they liked something.
“I’m going to mention a random thing,” Jeong explained. “If you like it, you have to do a heavy metal scream. If you don’t like it, you’ve gotta let out a super lame whisper scream. I just want to find out what Linkin Park is into.” 
Bennington screamed loudly at street tacos and even louder at Dungeons and Dragons. “I am a seventh level mage,” he bellowed.
Suddenly, Jeong asked the band members to pull over so he could show them why they should add him to Linkin Park. His reason? Silly dancing.
“Hot dogs! And ketchup! Hot dogs! And ketchup!” Jeong repeated, improvising moves to the peals of laughter from the others. Bennington asked if he could learn the dance, and the two were soon dancing comically together.
They discussed first jobs, and their children before moving the party to a karaoke bus, where the group sang “Sweet Home Alabama” with random people off the street. Bennington played along, grabbing an inflatable guitar and singing enthusiastically.
The video closed with a screen that dedicated the segment to Chester Bennington.
Fans felt a lot of emotion when viewing this video:
Bennington was survived by his wife, Talinda, and their children.
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