Singaporean Woman Breastfeeding Baby on Subway Sparks Heated Debate Online

Singaporean Woman Breastfeeding Baby on Subway Sparks Heated Debate OnlineSingaporean Woman Breastfeeding Baby on Subway Sparks Heated Debate Online
A photo of a woman breastfeeding her child while riding the subway in Singapore has reignited the debate on breastfeeding in pubic.
The discussion of whether it is appropriate for a mother to breastfeed her child in public seems never ending as a woman identified as Cheryl Lee becomes the latest victim of public criticism.
According to Stomp, photos that were circulated on WhatsApp and local forums show the woman seated beside her husband on the train while her baby daughter feeds from her bare breast.
Many online users said that the image was provocative and that she should have at least covered up. Meanwhile, there were also those who showed support for the nursing mom.
Lee said that she was unaware that a photo of her was taken and posted on Facebook. Naturally, she feels “a little upset” but also said that she isn’t too bothered about what happened.
On her Facebook account, she posted a response message and a breastfeeding selfie, declaring that she sees nothing wrong with what she did.
Lee said in defense that although she has a cover, her baby becomes irritable when she uses it. She also added that people should have just walked away or turned their heads if they find breastfeeding in public unacceptable.
“I just want to dress up and be a normal woman while still being able to take care of my kids and their needs. If people are ok with women who show cleavage, I don’t know why they would not be ok with me breastfeeding. Unless these group of people think my breast is for sex and not for feeding my baby,” said Lee. “Anyway, it’s just a breast. We all have it. Be it female or male.”
While some in the comments section said she is the “definition of a modern mom”, some also said that Lee was just seeking attention.
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