Son of Woman Who Lived to 105 Reveals Her Secret to Long Life

Son of Woman Who Lived to 105 Reveals Her Secret to Long LifeSon of Woman Who Lived to 105 Reveals Her Secret to Long Life
King Malleta
February 10, 2017
The secret to long life is usually a combination of good genes, a healthy lifestyle and probably a little luck. But for a grandma who lived past 100-years-old, her secret to a long life is pretty basic.
Ye Jinxi is a 70-year-old factory worker whose mother lived 105 years old. Sadly, his old grandma, Chen Zhen, recently passed away due to health complications after she suffered a home accident.
The centenarian reportedly fell at home and had to be wheel chaired a year and a half ago. Her condition got worse last month when she began to have trouble breathing.
After his mother passed away, Jinxi sweetly reminisced on her life habits that may have helped her live so long.
The secret?
The 105-year-old’s third son revealed that his mom has always been an active and independent woman. He said that even when she moved to an apartment when she was 103, she would still do her laundry, give herself a bath, and visit her eldest son who was living seven floors above her flat.
She skipped using the elevator and used the stairs daily. In addition, Madam Zhen’s other interesting habit was eating garlic everyday, Strait Times reported. It didn’t matter whether it was raw or cooked — having garlic everyday was part of the grandma’s daily routine.
The kind and jovial woman, as her son described, would have probably lived longer if only she had not suffered an accident.
Either way, the gracious grandma surely lived a full and happy life.
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