Local Villager in China Wins Stunning Ukrainian Model’s Heart Using Magic

One particular kind of  love story has always taken the Chinese social media by storm.

Chen Xuanxuan is a magician from Henan province who travels all over China to perform. Alena, a stunning Ukrainian model, became an instant fan and approached him after a magic show in Beijing almost two years ago. They ave lived together happily ever after since.

As interracial relationships are still rare in China, their marriage has sparked conversations among netizens, with many expressing envy and even surprise.

Chen admits that in the beginning, he didn’t believe she would be his wife either, mainly because of their cultural differences, Asia Unfiltered reports.

After their first meeting in July 2015, when Alena went backstage to find Chen after his show, they began chatting using a translation app. Having good first impressions with each other, they stayed in touch via Wechat.

While their relationship continued to blossom, there were some challenges along the way. Briefly after their first meeting, Alena’s parents had wanted her to return to Ukraine when her work visa as a model was about to expire.

The couple decided to get hitched on August 2015 in China. Another wedding ceremony would follow in July of 2016 in Ukraine. Although both of their parents were initially apprehensive, they eventually gave them their blessings after witnessing Chen and Alena’s affection towards each other.

Mr. and Mrs. Xuanxuan are now ready to face another chapter in their lives as Alena is now pregnant with a baby. 

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