Forget Logan Paul, Meet the Chinese Man Who’s Saved Over 300 People From Suicide

Forget Logan Paul, Meet the Chinese Man Who’s Saved Over 300 People From Suicide

January 5, 2018
In light of the disgraceful stunts Logan Paul recently unleashed upon social media, a netizen decided to shift the conversation on a man whose good deeds deserve everyone’s admiration.
Twitter user Heraa Hashmi wrote on Wednesday about a Chinese man named Chen Si, whose efforts in saving more than 300 people from committing suicide has earned him the title of “guardian angel.”
In a series of tweets, the 20-year-old molecular biology and linguistics student at the University of Colorado narrated the not very well-known story of Si from Nanjing, China.
Hashmi, who is a published author of several books, highlighted Si’s regular patrols every weekend at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge — an infamous spot where people commit suicide.
Hashmi also shared how Si extends his kindness by offering his extra bedroom to a stranger who may need a place to stay.
Si, who started his labor of love back in 2003, has received much attention from the media, at home and abroad. Hashmi has pointed out that while Si’s heroic feat may have failed to earn him the adulation and recognition he deserved, the impact he has made on others is priceless.
In an apparent comparison to modern social media “idols” who many young people look up to these days, Hashmi beautifully highlighted how instead of the constant pursuit of money, a person’s humanitarian virtues are enough to drive a man into action, even heroism.
Filmmakers Jordan Horowitz and Frank Ferendo, who released a documentary film about Chen in 2016 called “Angel of Nanjing,” provided a link to Hashmi for those who wish to donate to the amazing man.
Feature Image via Angel of Nanjing
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