‘We want more Filipinos!’: Chelsea Handler jokes in Jo Koy video her family has been ‘infiltrated’ by Filipinos

‘We want more Filipinos!’: Chelsea Handler jokes in Jo Koy video her family has been ‘infiltrated’ by Filipinos
Michelle De Pacina
June 9, 2022
American TV personality Chelsea Handler revealed that her family has been “infiltrated” by Filipinos. 
In a TikTok video posted by Handler’s boyfriend, Filipino American comedian Jo Koy, Handler expressed her love for Filipinos and said that her family is surrounded by Filipino partners.
“He’s not the only Filipino who has infiltrated our family,” Handler said as she pointed to Koy. “My niece has been dating a Filipino man for five to six years. They’ll probably get married. My brother, Roy, is in the Philippines right now, about to marry his Filipino fiancé. So the Handler family has been infiltrated by Filipinos, much in the same way the Kardashians have been infiltrated by Black men.”
“We have one more slot to fill and that’s for my older sister, Simone,” Handler added. “But we’re not only looking for Filipinos.” 
“You could be Black Filipino,” Koy said. “You could be Black-Chinese-Filipino. As long as there’s Filipino, the Handlers will take you. Handlers love Filipinos!”
Handler and Koy first revealed their relationship on Instagram in September last year after being friends for 20 years.
“It feels so good to have love, laughter and joy in my life,” Koy previously wrote
“We want more Filipinos!” Handler exclaimed before the couple ended the TikTok by saying “mahal kita,” a Filipino phrase that translates to “we love you.”
The TikTok video, which was posted on June 8, has received more than 950,000 views as of this writing. Some Filipino viewers jumped at the opportunity to find a Filipino boyfriend for Simone, with some even offering their own relatives. 
“My Kuya Boy is single, he’s 60 😁😂,” one user wrote, to which Koy replied, “Let’s go.”
“My cousin is a captain for Philippine airlines, does she like pilots?” another said.
“Oh dear lawd, this is how we advertise for relationships back in the ph,” one user commented. 
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