Genderqueer actor and model Chella Man becomes the first transmasculine face for YSL Beauty

chella man ysl beauty first trans face

Jewish Chinese American artist, activist, actor and model Chella Man is celebrating another milestone as the first transmasculine face of YSL Beauty.

Celebrating scars: In a campaign video for the brand, the 22-year-old deaf, genderqueer artist celebrates his scars from gender confirmation surgery. He says, “My scars are radiant, they show where I’ve been.”

  • Man explains that he goes through “intense gender dysphoria.”
  • “My mind didn’t connect to my body,” he says in the video. “Top surgery allowed me to make my body a home, and my scars will always remind me of this liberation.”
  • Man says he expresses himself through art and adds that his scars make him who he is.
  • “They’re a privilege to bear,” he concludes in the video. “My scars are my signature.”


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Who he is: Man came into the spotlight on YouTube in 2017, sharing his transition and struggles with gender dysphoria.

  • He then became active in and fought for deaf communities and signed with IMG Models, according to Out.
  • He landed his first acting role as Jericho in “Titans” in 2019.

The YSL Beauty campaign also features other young influencers such as Rickey Thompson, Brynne Rosetta, Tatiana Rigsby and more.

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