MasterChef Judge Humiliates Asian Women, Says Chinese Men ‘Have Some Defects’

MasterChef Judge Humiliates Asian Women, Says Chinese Men ‘Have Some Defects’MasterChef Judge Humiliates Asian Women, Says Chinese Men ‘Have Some Defects’
Carl Samson
January 23, 2018
Italian-American restaurateur Joe Bastianich has come under fire for humiliating Chinese women and insisting on the tired and offensive stereotype on Asian male genitalia.
In a recent episode of “MasterChef Italia,” Bastianich, who serves as a judge in the cooking show, visited a beauty salon with female Chinese staff to get a manicure and pedicure.
In the process, he repeatedly corrected the Italian of the workers, who introduced their names and spoke other words.
He also asked one the staff whether she has an Italian or Chinese boyfriend before emasculating Chinese men.
chef joe bastianich racist
New York Magazine’s Grub Street first obtained the controversial clip of the episode, which aired on Sky Italia earlier this month.
HuffPost quoted Bastianich as saying:
“I don’t know, personally … Chinese men … have some defects sometimes, they’re a little short. They’re inadequate in certain situations.”
chef joe bastianich racist
The worker was obviously feeling awkward, but the restaurateur couldn’t care less.
“But we need to confront this conversation, because that’s the reality,” he said.
chef joe bastianich racist
And as if things weren’t cringeworthy enough, Bastianich went on to comment about the dead of the Chinese, clearly being insensitive:
“Why haven’t I ever seen a dead Chinese person? What do the Chinese do with the dead?”
chef joe bastianich racist
Bastianich has since apologized for his remarks. He told Grub Street:
“This was a scripted segment shot in a Milan nail salon that I’ve gone to regularly. I know the women, and we were given the questions to discuss in advance. That said, it’s clear that some of what I said was in poor taste and not reflective of my views. I’m sorry I said those things.”
Netizens are not buying his apology, however. Twitter users reacted:
chef joe bastianich racist
chef joe bastianich racist
chef joe bastianich racist
According to Fox News, Bastianich’s comments come just more than a month after Mario Batali, his business partner, was accused of sexual misconduct by four different women. More have come forward since.
chef joe bastianich racist
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Check out the clip below:
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