Cheating Boyfriend Gets Caught With His Ex-Girlfriend While Clubbing — Begs Club to Destroy Evidence

One cheating boyfriend thought of rekindling the fire with an ex-girlfriend but clearly didn’t think far ahead enough since he posed for photos with his former lover at a nightclub in Bolton. Of course, he quickly tried to hide the evidence from his current girlfriend after the photos surfaced on the club venue’s Facebook page.

His next step of course was to privately message the club whose Facebook page hosts the photos and explain his situation. The club had some fun of their own and propositioned the man for ten grand in cash and a “pack of Haribo Tangfastics” in exchange for the pictures.

Unfortunately for him, their exchanges have since gone viral after the club posted a screenshot of their conversation. Nearly 3,000 Facebook users have shared and 10,000 have liked Level Nightclub’s post.

The club was merciful enough to delete the photo of the man and his ex-girlfriend, but the screenshot of their conversation has been circulating social media. It’s only a matter of time until until he reveals his true colors or his girlfriend figures it out.

h/t: Brobible
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