This Tahitian Couple Might Be the Hottest Travelers on Instagram

Travelers often showcase envious photos of the far-off places they have visited. However, one couple need only look in their backyard to take stunning pictures of one of the most scenic places on Earth.
Of course, that’s not hard at all when you live in Tahiti, an island known for its golden sands and turquoise beaches. Durgeat, a student and model, and Vedel, the owner of a wakeboard and waterski school in Tahiti, decided to see the world together after they began dating a year ago.
The couple have been to popular holiday destinations around the globe including visits to Bali, France, Greece, Spain, Australia and California. Now, the Tahitian lovers are excited to show-o ff the natural beauty of their own home.
Durgeat, an economics student in French Polynesia, wrote on Boredpanda:
“Surrounded by the ocean, water is our playground. We have a pretty lucky life here if you ask me.”
“The smell of flowers everywhere, the most juicy fruits you’ll ever taste. This is our story. Proud to be Tahitian.”
The pair have a band of 30,000 people following their epic adventures on Instagram.
As a professional waterskier and owner of a water sport school in French Polynesia, Vedel is not short of jaw-dropping action shots that he uploads to his account.
Meanwhile, Durgeat’s account is filled with glamorous bikini photos and intimate snaps of the lovebirds on the beautiful beaches of Tahiti.
According to the Daily Mail, Durgeat said the couple often stay with friends while traveling:
“The decision to start traveling the world never was planned. Jesson had already been travelling the world for nearly ten years for his passion of wakeboarding and his other activities like skydiving and surfing.”
When asked on her Tumblr page how she affords the cost of her lifestyle, Durgeat explained:
If I understand well, your question is how do I pay my tickets and accommodation. Well, here I save all my money, buy a ticket. Our destinations are always planned, according to the friends we have worldwide. Most of the time, I don’t pay hotels because we stay at friends’ houses, and it’s thousand of dollars saved.”
Traveling has been a part of the 22-year-old student’s life from an early age. Durgeat explained:
“On my end I also travelled quite a bit with my parents when I was younger. Jesson wanted to include me in his lifestyle and passions.”
Of course, how could she refuse to globe-trot the world with her lover? She said:
“I couldn’t refuse as I have a need for adventures and trying everything. I started saving more money and off we went.”
The Tahitian lovers hope that their documented adventures motivate others to travel and post their own photos online.
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