Malaysian Cafe Goes Viral For Letting Customers Buy Food for the Hungry

Malaysian Cafe Goes Viral For Letting Customers Buy Food for the HungryMalaysian Cafe Goes Viral For Letting Customers Buy Food for the Hungry
Malaysian restaurant Charlie’s Cafe isn’t just known for serving good food in large portions, they’re also known for serving the needy as well. Cafe owner Desonny Tuzan believes that when it comes to serving food, everyone should have their fill.
This philosophy doesn’t only apply to paying customers, but to hungry less-fortunate people as well. “It is wrong to be in the food business yet see people hungry,” Tuzan added.
Owner Desonny Tuzan (left) and his wife, Debra Leong (right).
To help others from going hungry, Tuzan came up with a system called “Pay it Forward” where customers can help the hungry and less-fortunate. The cafe owner gives customers the option to pay MYR 5.00 ($1.17) which nets them a voucher that gets placed on a wall.
Less-fortunate people hoping to grab a bite but not having much to spend can take these vouchers to get themselves something to eat.
This amount is also used to prepare meals for the needy which is sent out to them with the help of volunteer-based group Robin Hood Army. On top of all that, Charlie’s Cafe also hosts hungry people from shelters and orphanages to come and dine at their establishment on certain occasions.
Of course, both paying customers and the impoverished get to have a taste of Charlie Cafe’s mouth-watering dishes which include Malaysian and Chinese cuisine. The Malaysian cafe is also known for having ample serving in their dishes such as their signature fried chicken chop which includes a huge chunk of meat on top of veggies.
While the meals in Charlie’s cafe provide enough serving and variety on their own, it’s worth noting that the desserts in this restaurant are just as scrumptious. According to RebeccaSaw, the desserts in this Malaysian cafe are as good as they sound. For those with a sweet tooth, Charlie’s cafe serves signature UFO tarts as well as soft-serve durian ice cream made with actual durian fruit.
Another sweet delicacy is their durian cheesecake which combines rich durian and cheese flavors atop an almond crust.
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