California Woman Goes on a Racist Rant After Asian Kids Draw Chalk Art on the Sidewalk

California Woman Goes on a Racist Rant After Asian Kids Draw Chalk Art on the SidewalkCalifornia Woman Goes on a Racist Rant After Asian Kids Draw Chalk Art on the Sidewalk
An elderly woman was caught on video harassing a Chinese American man in his own garage, telling him he had “slanted eyes” after she and her husband caught his children drawing chalk art on the sidewalk.
What happened: The man, identified as Xiao Huang, shared his encounter with the elderly couple in California last Friday, the International Business Times Singapore reported.
  • In a Facebook post, Xiao said he was minding his own business in his garage when the woman approached and called him a “son of a b*tch” before complaining to him about his children’s sidewalk chalk art outside of their 12-unit complex.
  • The elderly woman who cursed at Xiao was looking for his wife, a White woman named Jenine, and called her a “nice person” who “talks nice.”
  • As they were walking outside after the man asked her to leave, the woman threatened Xiao and told him, “Tell your kids to stop or else I’m gonna…..” but he cuts her off and replied, “You’re going to do what?”
  • Things started to escalate after she asked Xiao if he lives at the complex. She also kept touching the man’s car even though he asked her several times to get her hands off of it.
  • “I don’t think you live here because you have slanted eyes,” the woman said.
  • After asking her how the sidewalk chalk was bothering her, the woman replied, “Because it looks like sh*t.”
  • The woman’s husband threatened that the homeowners’ association would potentially fine the family for the chalk art. The man interjected, calling out the couple on their racism, “The entire neighborhood has zero problem with it except you. You’ve had a problem with me since I moved in here.”
  • “No,” the elderly woman responds. “We saw a guy that didn’t have slanted eyes.”
  • The woman threatened to interact with his children, saying, “I’m gonna get a pail and a brush and tell your kids to come out here and clean it.”
  • The man went into defensive mode, replying, “Over my dead body! You touch my kids, you’re going to see something coming.”
Other details: Xiao noted in his Facebook post that the elderly couple would only greet his wife and mother-in-law.
  • “I really don’t care if you like me or not,” he said in his post. “You want to come at me, come get some. But when you come at my kids and my family, you crossed the line and I am going to do everything in my power to protect whats mine.”
  • He added there are no rules in the association relating to the use of sidewalk chalk on public streets.
  • “I can’t tell you how upset I am. I pride myself in how I present myself. Jenine and I do the best we can to raise our kids right, teaching them right from wrong, respect others, doing the right thing even when people aren’t looking,” he wrote. “I am not going to let this woman and her husband’s action overshadow all the good that I see in my neighbors and this world.”
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