Spoiled Daughter of Hong Kong’s Leader Slaps Mom, Insults Her in the Worst Way Possible

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung celebrated Halloween by going to the party district of Lan Kwai Fong with his family, but instead of a fun night full of tricks and treats, he ended up watching his daughter physically abuse her mother in public.
Leung’s daughter, Chai Yan, was reportedly happy at the beginning of the night when her she joined her family for group photos. However, as the night progressed, so did the levels of intoxication, according to South China Morning Post.
When the drunk model was getting into a cab ride home around 3 a.m., she lashed out at her mother, Regina Tong Ching-Yee, who was following her into the cab.
When Tong attempted to help her daughter get into the cab, she was struck violently across the face. When Regina tried to calm Leung down, she was slapped again even harder. As her mother backed away, Leung told the surrounding paparazzi:
“You know this mom is not my actual biological mother.”
One of Leung’s male friends got into the cab in place of Regina, who was forced to take a separate ride home.
There is wide speculation as to why Leung started the altercation with her mother, but some believe there is serious familial dysfunction.
Earlier this month, CY Leung held a press conference admitting that his daughter had emotional health issues after she had claimed her mother assaulted her.
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