Chinese Parents Are Taking Their 3-Year-Olds to ‘CEO Classes’ For $7,500 a Year

Chinese Parents Are Taking Their 3-Year-Olds to ‘CEO Classes’ For $7,500 a YearChinese Parents Are Taking Their 3-Year-Olds to ‘CEO Classes’ For $7,500 a Year
Max Chang
August 23, 2016
Parents in China are finding some creative ways to give their children a head start in life.
A school in Guangzhou is offering “CEO courses” where children as young as three can enroll in to learn how to be a CEO! Classes are two times per week and cost 50,000 yuan, roughly $7,500, per year, according to Shanghaiist (via CRI News).
Activities for these courses include “filing in missing words in sentences and stacking up toy bricks” to learn corporate leadership. Each activity is designed to “enable the children to become a powerful, competitive leader” someday.
But that’s not all! Kids nowadays need to be well-rounded. As some of you may know, the golf course has been touted as one of the best places to close business deals. A golf club in Guangzhou offers five-day basic golf training to kids, which could cost up to 20,000 yuan, or $3,000, a month.
A majority of these schools are targeting middle class parents as they tend to have the urge to attain high social status, according to SCMP.  The more expensive the course, the more popular it becomes as it’s a sign of higher quality. Parents are typically urged by other parents to enroll their kids in these courses so they’re not “left behind.”
Unfortunately, many of these courses lack proper accreditation and do not live up to expectations. Parents have been quoted in local news saying that the teachers are no better than babysitters. Experts warn that giving your children so many extracurricular activities at such a young age could drain them fast.
I personally could vouch for this as I was one of those kids growing up and I remembered feeling so drained having my weekends packed with extracurricular classes, instead of resting. You’ve been warned high-achieving parents!
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