Century-Old Japanese Company Creates Modern ‘Outdoor’ Kimonos You Can Go Camping In

A century-old Kimono maker and an outdoors apparel manufacturer have teamed up to create some awesome-looking outdoor Kimono outfits that are ready to take on the upcoming chilly months in Japan.

With fall just a few months away, Kimono Yamato and camping supply firm Snow Peak have unveiled their joint project which combines the aesthetics of traditional kimono and the practicality and functionality of modern jackets.

To keep its wearer wrapped up warmly, these stylish outdoor Kimonos close with buttons and a clip belt instead of the traditional obi sash.

Made with Teijin Fibers’ specially developed material called Octa, the kimonos have advanced features such as excellent breathability and heat retention.

Aside from being incredibly lightweight, the garments are also water-resistant and dry rapidly.

The features are perfect for kimono aficionados who love hiking or camping.

According to Soranews24, the autumn/winter kimonos are an updated line of the previous spring/summer outdoor kimono collection that Snow Peak released in April.

The warmer kimonos are available in the subdued colors of black, gray, and chestnut brown to match the season they are intended to be worn.

While the outdoor kimono can be worn entirely by itself, it can also be worn over any type of clothing, which will allow the wearer to wear it like a traditional jacket.

Priced at 55,000 yen ($495) each, the outdoor kimonos will officially go on sale September 1 at Snow Peak’s online store. The site is now accepting pre-orders.

Featured image via YouTube/Snow Peak

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