Artists Show What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Anorexic

Magazines have received backlash in the past after celebrities stepped forward to call out their Photoshopping jobs to make them appear thinner. Most recently, W Magazine was accused of altering Beyonce’s curves after a photo of a much slimmer Queen Bey was uploaded to their Instagram account on Monday.

Angelina Jolie

Images submitted by online artists for a photo editing contest shows just how powerful a message Photoshopping can send. The photos show how famous celebrities can be altered to look extremely thin, as though they were suffering from anorexia. When does Photoshopping go too far?

Keira Knightley

Anorexia, a potentially life-threatening disorder, affects millions of men and women in the United States as a result of body image obsession. The condition is characterized by significant weight loss, depression, compulsive exercising and the fear of becoming overweight.

Eva Mendes

The altered photos were created in response to a Photoshop contest held on Freaking News whose prompt read:

Let us help prevent anorexia from spreading among celebrities and politicians, by showing them what they would look like if they were anorexic. Hopefully if they see these anorexic pictures of themselves they’ll think twice before going anorexic.”

Lindsay Lohan 


Sandra Bullock

Katy Perry

Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Lopez

Marilyn Monroe 

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