Portland Woman Makes Six Figures a Year Verbally Abusing Men Online

Portland native Ceara Lynch claims to make six figures a year selling sexual fetish videos and verbally humiliating men on the internet.
The 29-year-old has been able to pay off her student loans and buy two houses with her career as a “humiliatrix,” catering mostly to men who want to be dominated and denigrated, reported Fox 12.
“I make most of my money from videos. They are POV-style videos, which means it’s just me and the camera, and I am looking at the camera and talking to the camera so that the viewer feels like I’m talking to them,” Lynch told Salon in an interview.
“I just tap into various fetishes and they’re all just under the umbrella of femdom.”
She makes $10 a minute belittling men in her webcam shows and also makes money selling bodily fluids, used clothing items and custom videos.
“Nowadays, thanks to technology, a woman just needs a webcam and a computer and she can take control of her own life and make her own money,” she told Fox 12.
According to Lynch, she got her start at 17 years old after creating profiles on “vanilla” social networking sites. She found that the meaner she was to one man who messaged her, the more he wanted to talk to her. She eventually sold him a bottle of her urine for $250.
“I sold my bathroom trash before,” Lynch told Fox 12. “Just any sort of kind of disgusting item that could be harvested off my body I was able to sell.”
Among the fetishes she says she’s catered to are cuckolding, foot fetish, toilet slavery, and “giantess,” which she described as a “fetish where guys imagine this giant woman that’s going to come and crush them with her feet or swallow them whole.”
There’s also “vore,” which she says is a “fetish for being swallowed and eaten and digested.”
Lynch is proud of her job, which she says most people tell her they think is “cool,” and her parents are mostly supportive of it.
“I was making all this money and it seemed clear to me that my parents thought that I was maybe doing something worse than I was, so I thought I might as well tell them. So I told them, and my dad thought it was brilliant; he thinks I’m a genius,” she told Salon.
Lynch believes the internet has created a surge in unusual fetishes, and she is happy to be one of the people who helps men fulfill their urges.
“To be honest, it’s been a fucking dream,” she said. “It’s been really great, it’s almost been too good to be true.”
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