These $17,000 Chopsticks Come With a $2 Million Dinner in Singapore

These $17,000 Chopsticks Come With a $2 Million Dinner in Singapore
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
August 12, 2016
Apparently, there are chopsticks that cost way more than food: $17,000 a pair, for instance.
In what’s been dubbed the most expensive dinner on Earth, Singapore’s Ce’ La Vi restaurant and Russia’s World of Diamonds are allowing one couple to bring home diamond-studded chopsticks — a pair for each person.
These chopsticks are studded with 4-carat round diamonds. They also come gold-plated and personalized, adding to the whole luxury experience.
Whoever gets these chopsticks dirty are essentially winners of a screening process, making it a competition among the affluent. They will also decide on the dinner’s schedule.
As part of the experience, the fortunate pair will get luxury rides — including a helicopter and cruise —  that lead them to the dining venue at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
Sitting on designer armchairs, guests will enjoy an 18-course meal that includes Almas Caviar, Belon oysters and Mishima sirloin.
Food will be complemented by pricey liquor, with some wines at least 40 years in age.
At the end of it, the pair will be given two 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Jane Seymour diamond rings as a souvenir. The ring has fetched over $2 million in previous auctions.
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