Cats Loudly Sucking Their Own Paws on Japanese Twitter is Just the Best

Videos of cats sucking their own paws have gone viral on Japanese internet.

The craze apparently started when Twitter user @_okayu shared one of their own cat, Kabu.

As seen in the video, Kabu is perfectly satisfied sucking his own paws.

Image via Twitter / @_okayu

The endearing post has gained over 2.43 million views, 186,000 likes, and 60,000 retweets since Sept. 4.

Japanese netizens showered Kabu with love:


“It’s really cute.”

“He’s a wonderful, beautiful cat.”

“I cried, it’s too cute.”

“He’s trying to understand the feelings of people.”

It did not take long before others shared videos of their own cats doing the same thing.

Netizens speculated various reasons to explain the behavior, but it turns out that the felines are only trying to recreate the feeling of nursing — much like thumb-sucking human adults.

@_okayu shared a video of a younger Kabu seemingly dreaming about nursing:

Paw sucking can happen when kittens are separated too early from their mothers, according to cat-dedicated outlet Catster. In the perfect world, they may not be weaned earlier than six weeks.

Still, the behavior can signal stress, compulsive behavior, or mere happiness or contentment, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

What do you think?

Featured Images via Twitter / @_okayu

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