Filipino Journalist Stays Completely Cool as Cats Fight During TV Interview


Not even a fierce fight between two cats can distract this Filipino reporter from delivering the news.

Doris Bigornia is a veteran journalist in the Philippines who recently exemplified focus and calm during a live TV interview in her home.

In the now-viral clip of the broadcast, Bigornia can be seen keeping her cool after her pet cats, Bella Luna and Nala decided to claw at each other.  

Bigornia was a bit caught off guard and is shown glancing to the left when the fight erupted behind her. 

The footage became widely shared on social media, as Bigornia’s daughter, Nikki, posted on Twitter, MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL. Bigornia even shared it on her account, noting: “Children!!! There is a law in the studio!”

Since interviews and news reports from home have become the new normal for many journalists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, anything can happen in live broadcasts.

It takes an extra level of cool demonstrated by the 54-year-old reporter to be able to go through the interview without getting distracted by the cat fight.

Understandably, social media users were impressed:

Bigornia would later address the “star” status of Bella and Nala in an episode of her podcast/radio program in which she joked that Nala was responding to foreign inquiries.

Feature Image via Nikki Bigornia

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