Cat Suspected For Brutal Attempted Murder of Elderly Bed-Ridden Woman in Japan

Cat Suspected For Brutal Attempted Murder of Elderly Bed-Ridden Woman in Japan

November 13, 2017
A stray cat was suspected for brutally maiming an elderly Japanese woman after police discovered that the injuries sustained by the victim suspiciously looked like cat scratches.
Bed-ridden senior Mayuko Matsumoto, 82, was taken to the nearest hospital to receive urgent medical aid following an attack that left her face soaked in blood.
Matsumoto’s daughter was shocked when she discovered her mother bleeding profusely from about 20 cuts on her face at their Mifune residence in Kyushu, Japan.
“When we found her, blood covered everything above her chin. Her face was soaked in blood. I didn’t know what had happened,” Matsumoto’s daughter exclaimed.
Japanese authorities revealed that some of the wounds inflicted on the 82-year-old were relatively severe, prompting police to investigate a possible attempted murder case but found no signs of any breaking and entering within the residence, according to Japan Today.
However, the police have turned their attention to the various stray cats that populated the crime scene and found an unlikely suspect instead. Local authorities found traces of blood, that could possibly belong to the victim, on one of the felines.
Japanese police are now in the process of analyzing the blood that was extracted from the claw of the suspected kitty, which could prove if the stray cat was indeed the culprit. According to The Mainichi, the cat suspect wasn’t a complete stranger since Matsumoto’s family sometimes gives it food.
While stray cats are known for displaying hostile behavior, a Kumamoto Veterinary Medical Association member explained that it’s still unusual for them to attack passive, sleeping people.
“I’ve heard of feral cats becoming aggressive, but I’ve never heard of one attacking a person while they are asleep,” the veterinary doctor expressed.
There’s no word yet if the police intend to punish the feline felon for its furr-ious behavior. Purr-haps if the cat was served some fancy sushi the same way one enthusiastic owner did for his feline friends, it would’ve purr-romised to behave.
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