Japanese Man’s Cat Takes the Most 2020 Selfie

Japanese Man’s Cat Takes the Most 2020 SelfieJapanese Man’s Cat Takes the Most 2020 Selfie
Meet Monta, a cat from Japan who went viral for his relatable expression while taking a selfie with his owner.
Monta’s owner posted the viral pictures to Twitter on Nov. 30, showing the cat looking exhausted and done from all that’s happening.
via @montanonichijo
via @montanonichijo
via @montanonichijo
Monta’s owner likes to document his daily life and post it on social media, according to Grapee. Despite taking lots of pictures and videos, the cat owner realized they never had a selfie together, so he took one and shared it with their followers.
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Monta may be a one-year-old, but his disapproving face and the way he sags into his owner’s arms seem to age him a couple of years.
Monta’s owner told NextShark that his cat is currently eating food to treat his constipation and for his kidney health, but is a fan of INABA Churu Lickable Purée Wet Treats for Cats.
Monta was adopted from a local cat welfare group, likes to get his belly rubbed, and rarely plays with his toys.
Fans of the sulking cat suggested that he’s on his way to becoming the new “Grumpy Cat,” and drew him a caricature.
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Which the owner then tried to draw one in Monta’s likeness.
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Follow Monta’s social media — YouTube, Instagram and Twitter — to see more of this little cutie.
Featured Image via @montanonichijo
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