Adorable Cat Drooling Over Restaurant Food Display in Japan Wins the Internet

Some restaurants in Japan like to display plastic models of the food they serve in order to help foreigners who can’t speak the language. Oftentimes, these models look so tasty that it attracts people who pass by it. In this particular case, Twitter user @ikomahatensi caught an adorable cat enamored by a Chinese restaurant called Ruyen. 

The tweet roughly translates to: “This cat can’t decide which bento to get…,” according to RocketNews24. Other commenters said:

“That cat is too cute.”

“[The poster on the wall says] the restaurant is hiring. They should give him a job.”

“This must be a behind the scenes photo from the making of Studio Ghibli’s anime The Cat Returns.”

Hopefully, the cat eventually got something to eat. 

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