Cat Leads Lost Humans Out of Japanese Forest in Viral Video

Cat Leads Lost Humans Out of Japanese Forest in Viral Video
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
February 8, 2018
Videos of a stray cat seemingly guiding two lost humans back to the main road in the mountains are going viral on Japanese social media – and it’s just too adorable!
The night began when Twitter user zc31s_Monster and his friend decided to take a ride at night in the mountains, and even do a little off-roading. But as it turns out, the plan was not exactly fool-proof, and the duo got lost, their car’s navigation system failing to help them in their time of need.
Luckily, a furry, four-legged local was spotted roaming the area. The pair decided to follow it, and to their surprise, the forest cat seemed to guide the lost humans back to the main road.
Here’s the first clip that the Twitter user shared on Monday, which has already been watched more than 2.82 million times:
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By the looks of it, the cat does seem like its guiding the two lost travelers to the right path. In fact, the friendly feline even stops from time to time to check on its two lost companions to make sure they are still trailing behind it. And after reaching a certain distance, the cat would continue to hop and casually stroll forward like it’s saying “follow me, I know the way.”
Some folks will, of course, disagree that the cat is not leading these guys back to the main road. But let’s put into consideration that the cat had all the chances in the world to run to its side and straight to the forest or woods away from the humans but it did not do that. Instead, it just kept walking, occasionally looking back to check the humans.
However, the forest cat did go to the roadside during the drive, but it returned back to the path after a few seconds.
It’s like he’s saying ‘Oh, I thought you were good from here, but if you need me to, I’ll show you the rest of the way.” the Twitter user’s friend theorized, as translated by SoraNews24.
Many netizens were amazed by this feline. Some of them wrote:
“I think I’ve fallen in love with this cat. He’s so cute and kind.”
“It’s adorable how the cat keeps making sure the car is still following.”
“Usually cats gat scared and run off when a car drives up, but this one makes sure you can keep up with him as he leads you out of the woods.”
“It looks really dark up in the mountains, so I wonder if the cat was lost too?”
“It probably wasn’t a cat, but a forest spirit in disguise.”
Here’s the second video that the user shared on Twitter:
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After the events in the video, the Twitter user said that they both made it back to the main road safe and sound thanks to the forest cat, as said in the report.
Featured image via Twitter / zc31s_Monster
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