Cat Knocks Out Elderly Chinese Man After Falling From the Sky

Cat Knocks Out Elderly Chinese Man After Falling From the SkyCat Knocks Out Elderly Chinese Man After Falling From the Sky
This is the moment a cat fell from the sky and crashed onto an elderly man’s head, effectively knocking him out.
The bizarre incident, which was caught on surveillance camera, took place in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeastern China on July 12.
The cat falls from presumably a building or tree. Image Screenshot via Sorphea Peou
In the footage, Gao Fenghua can be seen walking his golden retriever when the cat falls from somewhere above onto his head.
The cat gets up after falling, leaving Gao unconscious. Image Screenshot via Sorphea Peou
Gao, who immediately lost consciousness, was left lying on the ground, while the cat managed to get up and run away without apparent issue.
Gao’s golden retriever realizes the situation and decides to go after the cat. Image Screenshot via Sorphea Peou
Shortly after, Gao’s dog can be seen returning to his owner before cornering the cat near a building.
Gao was hospitalized for more than 20 days and has undergone physical therapy, according to Sina News.
Gao’s dog corners the cat but the latter fights back. Image Screenshot via Sorphea Peou
It was later revealed that the cat belongs to Gao’s neighbor, identified only as Yu.
Gao is currently still undergoing rehabilitation training at home; however, his son stated that they need 60,000 yuan (about $8,700) to prepare for follow-up surgery.
Gao is now recovering from the incident. Image Screenshot via Pear Video
The family is seeking 150,000 yuan (about $21,700) from Yu to cover all expenses, but the latter is unwilling to compensate and asks to proceed through legal channels, according to the Epoch Times.
It is understood that Gao and his family are now preparing to take the matter to court.

The incident has since sparked discussions on Weibo. Some praised Gao’s dog, while some questioned what caused the cat to fall in the first place.
Feature Image Screenshots via Sorphea Peou
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