Cat from Japan With Giant Eyes Looks Like It’s Straight Out of an Anime

All cats have big, cute round eyes, but this one in particular from Japan makes every other feline’s look like tiny marbles.

Japanese Twitter user @nekko221 shares a snapshot of its pet cat’s eyes that is now making everyone melt with his incredibly cute large bowling ball-like hyper dilated pupils.

His Puss in Boots impression is certainly spot on.

It’s really hard to contain yourself and not go full-on “aww” on that look. But despite his cuddly exterior, the little furball can be quite intimidating, too, with his ferocious stare.

But it’s all good. He can turn back to being squishy adorable with just a few minor adjustments with his tongue.

There really is something with his eyes; the look that he gives to you like he could see right inside your soul.

It’s hauntingly beautiful.

While posing for the camera is one of his things, he also often get into trouble for being just too darn cute and playful.

And just like everyone else, he also likes to play with smartphone apps.

Stay awesome little buddy!

Featured Image via Twitter / nekko221

h/t: Grapee

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