Cat in China Learns to Demand Attention For Head Pats

While some people may perceive cats to be more independent, they can also be clingy and needy to their owners, like this super adorable feline from the city of Tianjin, China, according to Daily Mail.

In the footage, the cat can be seen sitting on the wooden armrest of a sofa watching its owner as he busily browses through his smartphone.

As sitting beside its owner clearly wasn’t enough to grab his attention, the feline decided to initiate physical contact to his human owner by tapping his arm with its paw.

Figuring that this is a surefire way to grab his attention, the cat tries for a second round and the man fell for it again, triggering laughter from the woman taking the video.

One would only be so lucky to become a cat grandpa some day.

Images screenshot via YouTube / FG TECH

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