Surveillance Video Shows Cats Reacting Before Massive Earthquake in Japan

Surveillance footage taken from a cat cafe in Japan shows how felines react before, during, and after a massive earthquake that rocked Osaka and nearby areas last month.

The video starts out like any other day in CATchy, a cat cafe located in neighboring Wakayama prefecture, as the feline residents chill out on their favorite spot in the shop, according to SoraNews24.

A few seconds into the video, the cats suddenly raise their heads and become frantic.

Some of the cats begin to walk around the cafe, while others remain in their spot. Moments later, the whole place starts to shake.

Most of the cats start running around in fear. Some try to hide under furniture, while others leap to safety on high spots.

None of the cats in the cafe, which also offers an adoption service, were harmed during the devastating earthquake.

The city and its neighboring areas were reportedly hit by a 5.3 magnitude, the strongest earthquake to ever hit Osaka in decades, CNN reported.

The earthquake caused havoc in many homes in the area as shelves fell over and household items were scattered around.

One otaku was caught in an embarrassing moment when the natural disaster revealed his porn stash and was later found by his mother.

Images via YouTube / 猫カフェ キャッチー

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