Sneaky Cat Stays Quiet in Classroom After Student Sneaks Him Into School


An adorable video of a stealthy cat that was sneaked into a Chinese classroom by his owner is making the rounds on social media.


Viral kitty: Ba Dun, a one-year-old Munchkin cat, became internet famous for staying undetected by the school teacher throughout the duration of the class, reports MailOnline

  • Pet owner Wen, a university student from the northwestern city of Xi’an, uploaded the short clip on the video-sharing app Douyin.
  • Since Munchkins are known for their short legs, tucking Ba Dun inside the desk was not a problem. 
  • In the video, Ba Dun is seen well behaved, lying silently in the desk as if the feline is consciously trying to stay undetected. 
  • The lecturer reportedly found out about the sneaky cat after the video went viral, generating over 300 million views over the weekend. 

Clingy kitty: Ba Dun, whose name translates to “eight meals” because of his big appetite, would not let Wen leave without him as she was getting ready for class on Friday morning.

  • “Ba Dun kept cuddling up to my leg and looking really sad because he wanted me to stay with him,” Wen was quoted as saying.
  • According to the owner, she was already running late, deciding to just take him to the classroom with her.
  • The clingy feline earned overwhelming adoration online, with many complimenting his cuteness and admiring his love for Wen.

Feature Image via 八顿成长记

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