Australian Model Flips Out After Getting Only 14 Likes on Instagram

Australian Model Flips Out After Getting Only 14 Likes on Instagram
Laura Dang
By Laura Dang
November 10, 2015
An Australian model is appalled at people on Instagram after one of her posts received a modest 14 “likes” on the photo-sharing app.
Dungen’s tantrum on Instagram comes a week after fellow Aussie Instagram model Essena O’Neill made headlines for denouncing all social media. Many social media influencers were taken aback and given the awkward task of having to defend their own authenticity.
The latest model breakdown is raising brows and has people questioning models’ relationships  with social media. Dungen launched her modeling career after becoming a runner-up on the show “Australia’s Next Top Model” in 2009. Her account, which has 10,000 followers, is filled with modeling pictures and inspirational quotes.
Her two-week-old post with the saying, “Say yes to new adventures,” received 14 likes. After returning home from vacation, Dungen was shocked by the number and proceeded to post a rant with the same picture.
Seeing how her tantrum had caught the attention of the Internet, Dungen followed up with a lengthy explanation on her Facebook page to clarify why people “suck.”
Her Instagram rant post has nearly 2,000 likes and the original post is now up to 287 from 14 likes.
h/t: Mashable
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