Kids Cause $31,000 of Damage Playing Bumper Cars With New Electric Cars in China

Kids Cause $31,000 of Damage Playing Bumper Cars With New Electric Cars in China
Bryan Ke
January 25, 2018
A group of children led by an unnamed 10-year-old from Chongqing in southwest China had a run-in trouble with the authorities after playing with brand new electric cars they’ve found in a parking like they were bumper cars.
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The company who sells the car said the group damaged more than 30 news cars parked in the underground parking lot of a residential compound in the city. According to via South China Morning Post, the total cost to repair the damages they did, which range from mere scratches to major ones, is believed to be more than 200,000 yuan ($31,656). The cars were brought to an auto collision shop to fix the damages as they needed a windshield replacement.
While speaking to the police, the leader of the group said that the cars in the parking lot were unlocked and that the keys were hidden under the steering wheel. After finding the key, he immediately decided to take one of the cars for a test drive as he already knows the basics of driving, which he learned from watching the adults behind the wheel.
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After his initial test drive, he brought some of his friends to the parking lot to teach them how to drive, but ended up playing with the cars like they were bumper cars and damaged all of them.
This incident, according to the reports, apparently continued to occur for days until the Chongqing-based car company discovered the damage.
Luckily no one was hurt in the whole ordeal. Police are now negotiating with the parents of the children on how to compensate all the damages to the cars. As for the kids, they said they’ve regretted their decision to play with grown up things.
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