Carry your favorite BTS members everywhere you go with new TinyTan Tamagotchi

bts tamagotchi
  • BTS and Bandai Namco have collaborated to create new Tamagotchi digital pets featuring BTS band members.
  • Tamagotchi have mood and health barometers that need to be met daily through player interaction and participation in mini-games.
  • The BTS Tamagotchis are currently available for pre-order ahead of their official release in October.

Thanks to a new partnership between BTS and Bandai Namco, fans will soon be able to carry around their favorite K-pop idols amid a revival of the 2000s Tamagotchi “egg watches.” 

The digital pets, small enough to keep in pockets or backpacks, have mood and health meters that need to be attended to daily, as well as interactive features like mini-games and music. 

The BTS Tamagotchi are based on TinyTan, Big Hit Entertainment’s animated adaptations of the BTS band members. Embedded within them are various references to BTS’ style and music. 


There are currently three versions of the toy: a purple one modeled after “Magic Door,” a red one inspired by “MicDrop” and a limited-edition black Hugmy Tamagotchi that features a vinyl figure of one of the seven band members hugging the device. 

Their outfits and styles change depending on gameplay. One moment, players’ characters could be dancing in a game called “Dance! Dynamite!” and the next, they could be baking and serving food in “Make a Custard Tart!” 

Playing these games keep the digital Tiny Tan engaged, happy and high on their barometers. Unfortunately, if players forget to maintain that level of engagement, they can risk their Tiny Tan leaving through a “Magic Door,” prompting them to restart the game. 


Fans can currently pre-order their BTS Tamagotchi pets via Amazon, but shelving and delivery will only begin starting October 2022.


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