Carrot Dating Apps Allows You To Bribe People For Dates — is it Really Prostitution?

Carrot Dating Apps Allows You To Bribe People For Dates — is it Really Prostitution?Carrot Dating Apps Allows You To Bribe People For Dates — is it Really Prostitution?
A new app called Carrot Dating has recently been the talk of the town lately, stirring up some controversy. This dating app allows users to offer gifts as incentives to entice singles to a first date.

The person behind this app is none other than Brandon Wade, an MIT graduate and founder of the “leading sugar daddy website” He cites his mother as the inspiration for his new app, as she told him in the past that “once he was successful and had the resources to be generous, he could turn the dating game in his favor”.
Like his other online businesses, Carrot Dating has lately been subject to a lot of scrutiny. Some are saying that the app is outright prostitution. When asked if his new app could be confused with prostitution, Wade told Metro:

“How does generosity equal prostitution? That’s a really long stretch! Prostitution is literally paying for sex. In this case, sex cannot be expected. It’s something people obviously aspire to, especially on a dating site—they look for someone they share chemistry with.

When you look at Carrot Dating, when you look at the most popular types of offers that people have been offering and accepting—the first one being flowers, the second one being dinners—that’s what people do nowadays anyway. He usually buys her dinner or flowers. And, that’s certainly not prostitution.”

Apart from all the negative press Carrot Dating has gotten, it hasn’t stopped the interest. In an interview with Esquire, Wade mentioned that it received over 30,000 signups and downloads on the morning of his apps launch. When asked what he thinks about being called a misogynist or a promoter of prositution, Wade had this to say:

“Well, my dating websites have helped hundred of thousands of people find love and romance. I really believe that this will help a lot of people find, if not their soulmate, certainly a romantic partner. I love women, and I am certainly not here promoting that people should abuse them or treat them as an object. The carrot, the bribery, is really about an icebreaker. Dating is very superficial, but unless you get yourself in the door with that first date, you’re never gonna have a shot. You’re never gonna win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.”

What do you guys think of the Carrot Dating app? Do you think its basically prostitution, or a great step into making dating more honest and efficient? Make some noise in the comments below!
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