Male IT Geeks are Now Studs Among Chinese Women

Male IT Geeks are Now Studs Among Chinese Women
King Malleta
By King Malleta
January 6, 2017
Gone are the days when out-going, career-focused alpha males were what women deem as the ideal partner — at least in China.
In a 2015 survey conducted among her colleagues, Caroline Li, a Beijing-based relationship counselor, asked what the ideal boyfriend or husband would be. It turns out men who work in IT are the most popular choice among Chinese women because they have less social activities to attend and can go home straight home after work.
According to Li (via Yibada), Chinese women are simply attracted to male IT professionals who prioritize their families over their careers.
She also added that because women today are also becoming more career-oriented, the need for an equally busy partner becomes less ideal. In their opinion, they would much rather choose a romantic partner who can spend more time with their family.
Generally, men who work in the IT industry are perceived as nerdy and homebodies. Before, this was seen as a disadvantage because women tend to go after the “alpha male” – someone who is more dominant in social and professional situations.
In fact, there were studies that assumed the high probability of most IT men getting stuck with being single because of their lack in social skills. Additionally, the absence of female IT workers in the industry also slims down their chances in meeting potential partners.
But Li has a few suggestions to turn things around for these “timid” IT males. She said that it would help if they paid more attention to their appearance and how they present themselves. This increases the probability of attracting girls.
Also, it’d be another added bonus if they are more in touch with their sweet side. Romantic dinner dates and nice little gifts never go out of style, Li said.
And since they spend most of their time in front of the computer, why not use it to their advantage? Li suggested using social media platforms as a way to meet and mingle with females.
Image via Flickr / Lu Yu
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